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Congratulations! You have chosen one of the most popular dogs in America as a family member! The AKC or American Kennel Club lists the Yorkshire terrier as the sixth most popular dog breed as indicated by AKC dog registrations! When we break down popularity by state, Yorkies made the top five in popularity in 37 states.  In the Northeastern States our little fur balls rank in the top three!

The Yorkshire terrier originated in the 19th century in Yorkshire, England and were used for catching and eating the rats in clothing mills. They are extremely loyal and full of energy, which helps to make them the most popular dog breed in the world!


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Yorkie Medical Information

Hundreds of websites and blogs have information about Yorkies! When faced with medical questions I relied on my veterinarian for answers!  We all want instant answers and I did look on sites listed as veterinary specialists, but would you ask someone on the internet how to treat your own medical symptoms?  Are you going to go to the trouble of checking out those websites for accuracy or medical licensing status?  I did not, most people do not know how to do this, and even if they did, they still probably would not do it. This link will direct you to the website you can use to access information for veterinarians and veterinary assistants current licensing status .


Yorkie Training

When faced with behavioral questions for my Yorkie it was much trickier!  Lots of good advice on multiple sites but every dog is different and everyone with a pet has their own unique living situation and tolerance for pets and training.  Here is our first page  training a Yorkie! Potty training, Biting and Barking are also topics we will cover in this section.

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Yorkie Dog Breeders

I found multiple websites described as “dog breeders”.  Most of them were created for profit only, these are also known as puppy mills.  These large breeding operations are not interested in producing quality puppies, only large quantities of pups to make the most money.  The dogs and puppies are usually kept in horrible, cramped, dirty and infectious living environments with little or no regard to parentage. There are a few reputable breeders; you just have do a little research to find them.  Those few are dedicated to doing what it takes to make the Yorkies breed stronger and healthier!  Go to our page titled   How to Find a Dog Breeder  for advice!


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