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Camping Hazards for Dogs

Both Roxy and I have separation anxiety so leaving her with a sitter when we go camping is not an option.  There are many hazards to contend with, you have to be prepared!  Animals such as mountain lions, coyote, bears, skunks, raccoon, opossum, snakes, spiders as well as flying predators that will swoop down and kill your pup are some things to consider when deciding if you want to take your precious family member with you into the camping arena.  I have been a camper since I was five years old, but had to learn how to minimize these potentially deadly encounters when including our puppy in our camping trips. 


Bitsy, ready to take a dive!
Bitsy, ready to take a dive!  We were baby sitting Bitsy, fell in love with her and adopted Roxy!

Setting Up A Dog Run

To begin, we set up a dog run at camp.  Anyone who has attempted to tie up a dog knows it does not work!  Dogs will wrap themselves up in the rope, around chair or table legs, around rocks, stumps, trees, bushes and very quickly be unable to move!  The solution is to create a dog run by stringing a long piece of rope between two trees.  Our video shows an example of how to make a temporary dog run.   We choose to tie off one end to the RV so that our dog could still come in to the vehicle when she wanted to follow us.  We forgot to bring a clip to secure her leash to the “dog run rope” so we had to attach it the only way possible, through the handle.   These clips, sometimes called “spring clips” are available at hardware stores.
Spring Clip
Spring Clip
They secure the handle of your leash to the dog run, making it easy to remove the clip to take them for walks using their own leash.
Remember, the dog run will not protect your dog from a predator!  Setting up a dog run in camp helps your dog’s mobility,  without the effort of leash holding.  Do not forget to make water available for your dog at all times.

Check out our original video that shows you how to build a temporary dog run while camping or away from home.   


or go to our YouTube channel and check them all out!

We spotted two old tree stumps on the bank of the lake where we were going  fishing that were perfect for setting up our dog run.  When we first got to the lake, our priority was to get our fishing poles in the water and start fishing so we just let Roxy sniff at the water and play around until we built her dog run.  She spotted a mud duck in the middle of the lake and jumped in after it!  She went underwater, her head popped up and she swam back to shore.  She had never swam before!   We cleaned her up, and temporarily tied her to a chair.  Within five minutes, she had wrapped a 100-foot rope around two chairs, a fishing bag, a food bag, a music speaker, a tiny stump, a rock and the large stump that we eventually used to create her dog run.    We learned our lesson, build the dog run before anything else!  As long as your dog can reach their family members, they will be happy!  We made our leash long enough for our dog to play in the water as well.  We now bring two green metal garden T-posts with us to help us create our dog run when nothing else is available.  This original video titled “Mrs. Peabody catches twenty trout” shows the posts!


Chocolate is Poison to Dogs

Do not forget that chocolate is poison to all dogs!  When camping there is often chocolate around the table or campfire because previous campers dropped the candy when making some mores!

Check out our original video titled:  Yorkie puppy goes camping and learns to swim!



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