Natural Ear Cleaning for Dogs

Natural Ear Cleaning For Dogs

Natural Ear Cleaning for Dogs
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Easy Natural ear cleaning for Dogs

Ear cleaning for dogs does not have to be expensive or filled with harsh chemicals or soaps!  The best natural way to clean dog’s ears is to use a cotton ball with one part vinegar one part water.  Vinegar is made of acetic acid, which is effective in dissolving earwax and killing parasites and bacteria.   NEVER use a Q-tip or any other object to clean the inside of dog’s ears!

Cleaning Dogs With Big Ears

Dogs that have ears that fold over, allowing little airflow to the canal are prone to infection and bug infestations.  You need to develop a weekly bathing routine and include our Natural ear cleaning for dogs method to ensure your pup remains clear of bugs and infections! 

Clean Ears Weekly to Prevent Migration

Dogs and cats are as different as, well, dogs and cats!  Cats keep themselves clean by spending most of their spare time cleaning!  But they do tend to get ear mites easier than dogs.  We have three cats and a Yorkie and they all play together making it possible for bug migration from one animal to another! 

Clean All Your Animals Ears

Treats your cats ears too!  Do not think that if you keep your dogs ears clean that they will stay that way!  If you notice black residue in any pets ears take them to the vet to clean out and to apply the proper medicine to kill the mites!  Then you can start the routine of cleaning all of your pets!  

Our pets depend on us to make sure they are healthy and free of pests such as fleas, ticks or ear mites!  Don’t let your pet suffer by not taking action and maintaining a clean living environment!

Check out our pages on Grooming your dog for some tips!

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