Dog Food Calorie Calculator

Dog Food Calorie Calculator

We used this Dog Food Calorie Calculator to give us the caloric needs for our dog.  Our dog food recipes have “people food” nutritional labels on each page so you can see the breakdown of vitamins, minerals, fats and calories for each feeding. 

We wish our dog could eat commercial dog food!  Our puppy Roxy, had a difficult time tolerating many commercial pet foods.  We tried seven different types, eliminating different ingredients at each step to no avail.  We tried mixing her food with tummy friendly foods such as yogurt and cottage cheese,  followed the correct procedure when introducing each new food, not all at once a little at a time but she continued to have vomiting episodes and was not very interested in eating anything. 

We gave up!  We decided to do some research and came up with a plan to make our own puppy food!  It sounds extreme, well it did to us but it was worth the effort! 

We found many good websites with great recipes but most of them required supplements to go with the food.  If we were going to go to the trouble of making our own food we did not want to use any supplements!  Do dogs in the wild take vitamins?  So we just added what we needed to the diet to eliminate the need for any supplements!  We sent our suggested recipe to a few different websites to try and get some input and received a two page letter detailing suggestions for some minor improvements on our original recipe from one of them. 

After making our first batch of food, we came up with some time saving tips for future batches!  We make batches that last for 56 days in the freezer.  We freeze the food in muffin tins, pop the little pucks of food out when frozen solid and put into gallon zip lock bags!

Dog Calorie Calculator


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