Exercise Needs for Yorkies

How Much Exercise Do Yorkies Need?

The Exercise needs for Yorkies are minimal, they adapt well to indoor living.  Yorkies can easily meet their daily exercise requirements from play inside and out!  Yorkies will entertain themselves for hours; just make sure they have plenty of toys.   When Roxy was a young puppy, she would often start at one end of the house and run her designated “racetrack” from room to room until she was exhausted!  She could last for 15 minutes running non-stop!  I  take her for a daily walk to the park and around the block but have to be careful as other dogs sometimes roam unattended. 

Harness for Yorkies during Exercise

I use a soft harness for my dogs so I can quickly get them out of harm’s way if necessary.  Due to the sensitive nature of Yorkies necks, experts always recommend the use of harnesses.  Collars on Yorkies can cause serious injuries for the small dog breed.  This site is where we purchased our soft harnesses and soft collars for our dog’s post-surgery recovery period.   http://kissecollar.com/

Exercise needs for Yorkies
My Yorkies have almost unlimited energy! I get tired just watching them!

Yorkies Cat Siblings Help them Exercise!

All Roxy needs is her kitty siblings to keep her in shape!  When our dog was a puppy she was extremely active teasing and running away from the cats slapping paws!  Now that they have accepted her place in the family, she plays chasing games back and forth with two of them!  She goes crazy every day and loves to run circles and circle eights around the cats!  If the cats are not visible in the back yard, Roxy will sit in the middle of the grass waiting for them!  All I have to do is call the cats and the fun begins!  Check out this Yorkietime.com original video titled “Mrs. Peabody makes crop circles in our lawn”! 



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