Grooming Yorkies

Grooming Yorkies

Starting a Grooming Routine

Grooming Yorkies is not difficult but a routine should be started as soon as you bring your new dog home to live with your family.  Daily grooming and weekly bathing are essential for the long haired Yorkie breed.   We choose to keep our dog’s body hair length short and have her facial hair much longer. We brush her and clean the goop off her face just below her eyes every morning.  We just put her up on the bathroom counter, as we are getting ready for our day, wet her face, and then use a flea comb to gently remove them.  Be careful when putting your dog on any high surface as they think they can “fly” and will occasionally try to do so.  Roxy has not tried to get down yet, is happy just to sit on her towel and watch us get ready for our day.

The day before Chika’s first visit to the groomer!

Full Bathing Routine

Our bathing routine is a weekly event. When Roxy was a puppy we bathed her in the sink, now we fill the bathtub with about 4 inches of warm water, keeping the water running, lather her up and using a 2-cup glass batter bowl, rinse her until every speck of soap is gone. The soap we use works great, we rinse her thoroughly so that she does not have any soap residue to cause itching or flaky skin.

How to Become a Great Grooming Client

The key to grooming is to develop a routine as soon as she becomes a member of your family.  The process not only ensures that the essential oils from her skin will be spread throughout her hair which makes them healthy and shiny, but also helps you to train your puppy to get accustomed to regular grooming, bathing and ultimately going to the grooming salon.  It is important to have lots of contact with your puppy’s feet, and ears during playtime.  This will help to make your dog a good grooming client, as they will get used to you touching them in the areas where a groomer spends time creating their “masterpiece” hairstyle.

How to Choose a Great Groomer!

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