How to Adopt a Yorkie

How to Adopt a Dog

First things First

You have decided to adopt a Yorkie, now what?  There are choices to make.  First you can adopt from a shelter, use a phone or computer app to find a dog, adopt from a pet store or adopt from a breeder. 

Dog Shelters

The advantage of adopting a Yorkie from a shelter is that you will probably have the opportunity to adopt a full-grown dog and you can spend some time with the dog prior to adopting to get an idea of the dog’s temperament.  You may or may not have to potty train, it is more likely that a full-grown dog is already potty trained but do not expect it to be so.  Small dog breeds are sometimes difficult to potty train so keep that in mind before you decide to adopt! 

Please turn the channel to Animal Planet!

To Find a Shelter near you:

If you would like to adopt from an ASPCA Adoption Center, please note the following to facilitate the adoption process:

  • You must be 21 years of age or older to adopt.
  • Please bring two forms of identification.  A government issued photo ID (driver’s license, state identification card, military ID, etc.) and proof of current address.  (A telephone, utility or cable television bill qualifies.)
  • You may be asked to provide one personal reference, reachable by phone.
  • Dog adopters, we strongly encourage all members of your household to come to the Adoption Center to meet the new pet.  If you already have a dog at home, it is a great idea to bring him or her along as well, so that our behavior counselors can help you find the dog who is best suited to your current dog.
  • Be sure to check your building’s policy relevant to pet ownership to avoid any property owner concerns.
  • If you have any questions, please call the Adoption Desk at your local ASPCA.
  • In most cases, you can take your new pet home on the same day.  Prepare your home and check out these adoption tips before you pay them a visit.

Preparing Your Home for Your New Pet

Please use the guides below or go to our page on this website titled:  How to puppy-proof your home.




Another choice would be to use phone or computer apps to locate a dog.  Here are a couple you can try!

Cell Phone Apps

Petfinder Mobile

Download Petfinder Mobile in the Google play app store.  Click on the link below.


Pet Store

Many pet stores have pet adoption days, usually on Saturday’s.  Pet Smart and Petco both have pet adoption days set up!  They work with shelters and personal owners of puppies and dogs to try to find them forever homes.  The cost varies depending on age, need to spay or neuter, and type of pet. 

Dog Breeder

Another way to adopt a Yorkie would be to adopt from a Dog Breeder.  See our page on this website titled:   How to choose a great dog breeder!  How To Adopt A Yorkie  This can be the most expensive option, initial cost ranging from $800 – $5.000. for a Yorkie Puppy!  The disadvantage of going this route is that not all breeders are alike!  You can easily get a dog that is sick or likely to have health problems in the future!  Please go to our How to Choose a Great Dog Breeder page to get more information. 

Watch out for the dreaded “Puppy Mill”!

You need to find a breeder who is not part of a “puppy mill”.  Those breeders tend to use their own dog families to breed which can result in dogs with many potential health issues.  A reputable breeder will select a male and female with documented family tree’s to ensure that they are not related prior to breeding, resulting in healthy and strong puppies and adult dogs.   They understand how to raise puppies so that they are friendly and confident dogs.  The first 12 weeks of a dog’s life is extremely important for their development and how they are handled will determine their future demeanor.

Make Your Vet Appointment before Adopting!

Before you get your dog, please make an appointment with a Veterinarian for a new dog check-up, no matter what the seller tells you!  Tell your Vet how you got your precious new family member because many times you will get a discount when adopting from a shelter or when adopting a stray from your neighborhood! 

Worms Worms And More Worms!

All puppies, no exception, will have worms and possibly parasites and will not make it a month without medicine!  Always ask for liquid if possible!  My dog and cats would never even think about swallowing a pill!  Also, ask if you can have flavored medicine!  Do not make it harder than it has to be!  Check out our page “Choosing a Veterinarian”


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