How to find a Dog Breeder

How to Find a Dog Breeder

Dog Breeder
You’re bring home another what? A puppy?

How to find a great dog breeder

You have decided on what dog breed you want to adopt, now how do you find a dog breeder?  Searching for a dog breeder using Google or Yelp can be helpful if you do not know any friends or family who may have used a breeder in the past.  Seventy percent of households in the United States live with dogs!  So seventy percent of your friends and family might have a dog, some of them might have the breed you are looking for, and just one might be able to give you a reference. 

Best Age for Puppy Adoption

Any breeder who will allow adoption before the puppies are 10-12 weeks old should be suspect!  Puppies need this time to learn from their mammas!  They need the bond they have with their momma and their siblings to develop into healthy and confident dogs! 

Dog Breeder Living Conditions

You should be able to go to the location of the puppies and check out their living conditions.  Look for a clean environment, where the puppies can roam around and get exercise. 

Dog Breeder Human Interaction Routines

Does the breeder allow time every day for the puppies to interact and play with humans?  A place where the puppies are kept in cages with little human contact is probably not a good environment for a puppy’s development. Play with the puppies!  Do they seem timid or scared to play with you?  If so, they are not getting the human contact they need to be good pets.

Health of Dog Breeder’s Puppy

Do they look healthy?  Puppies of all breeds should be active and wide-eyed!  They will sleep throughout the day after bursts of energy but should not be lethargic and sleepy too long!  Do they look clean, well fed; are their eyes runny, do they scratch?  All can be signs of unsanitary conditions.

Puppy Parents Registration and Availability

Can you see the puppies’ parents? What are their temperaments’? How do they react to you, a stranger in their house? How do they react to you with their puppies? How do they look, clean, energetic?

The reputable breeder chooses registered males and females so they can make sure the “parents” are not related.  This process ensures the best possible health for their puppies.

Breeder Integrity

I looked on line, selected the largest city within 60 miles from my home to allow more access to potential breeders. I emailed or called at least twenty of them before I found the one who seemed like a good “match” for my family. The breeder told me that both parents would be at the home and would be available to me when I came to see the puppies! It was easy for me to make an appointment to see the puppies, I was offered an appointment the same day I called but I choose to go the next day! This told me that the breeder was not afraid of anyone coming to their home and checking out the puppies living conditions at a moment’s notice! I asked her how many puppies she had available for adoption and when her next litter would be available. She told me that she had two puppies left and that she only breeds her dogs once per year! Three for Three! I was almost certain that this was the breeder for me! The final test was the next day when I ventured out to the “middle of nowhere” to check out the breeders location!

The Home Visit

The breeder had five huge poodles and two Yorkies! The dogs were all excited to see me but were very respectful and did not jump on me! They were all very friendly, when I sat down the Yorkies both came and sat on my lap! The mother of the puppies was 7.5 pounds and had a beautiful tan color throughout her body. The male or daddy was only 4.5 pounds and was black with huge white areas on his feet and chest area! They both looked and acted very healthy and energetic.

The puppies were in their living quarters, which were a huge, 8 X 8 crate with a puppy bed, food and water and that had a floor that was a foot off the ground, which was lined with paper. This allowed the puppies to pee without walking all over it! The house smelled great, and was very clean as well.

When the breeder let the puppies out of their crate, they both ran around the room playing and jumping! I called the female to me; she started to come but was startled so the breeder gave her to me. She initially shook for about 5 seconds; I held her to my face and touched her with my chin. She nestled in my neck and was happy as a clam! She was energetic, clear eyes (not runny), appeared to be a very healthy eater as she was fat and happy, and she was not afraid or timid.  I was in love!

I took her home!

To find a dog breeder go through the Yorkshire terrier club of America at

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