How to Stop Biting Yorkies

How To Stop Biting Yorkies

Why do Yorkies Bite?

There are as many reasons for biting as there are dogs! They sometimes get territorial over their food and toys, are scared by sudden movements, protective of their family members “their pack”, just playing with you too rough or maybe they are in pain. To get your dog to stop the biting behavior you need to find the reason and act appropriately.

One Instant Biting Remedy

My puppy got out of hand while at her puppy obedience class and promptly nipped at the trainer’s hand. To stop her aggressive behavior she picked Roxy up and held her like a baby. Yorkies are small enough for this tactic to work, when on their backs they almost immediately stop their aggression. The trainer just scratched her belly for a minute, Roxy was over her tantrum and we progressed with our training with no future bites!

Stop Biting Using a Water Spray Bottle

Roxy was lucky to have at least one of us at home with her at all times but when we went out, she developed a bad habit. She jumped up and nipped at our elbows! We stopped this behavior quickly using our favorite training method “the spray bottle”. Just a couple of squirts did the trick!

How to Stop Biting Yorkies
These razor sharp teeth can easily draw blood!

My dog has a very good temperament but can get overly aggressive when “play biting”. Professional dog trainers say that a dog should never bite a human for any reason, play or aggression. When Roxy and Chika were puppies, their teeth were razor-sharp, when they chomped down on your fingers, they could draw blood!

Stop Biting Using a Bottle of Coins

Some dogs will respond to a loud “no” command and will stop biting behavior, but Roxy soon learned that it was much more fun to continue the “play session”. We found a suggestion on Yorkie website to put a small handful of coins into an empty water bottle and shake it to stop her biting. It worked great! After a while when she saw me reach for the water bottle, she would immediately stop biting! She still “play-bites” with her sister but does not bite us.

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