Limping Yorkie

The Limping Yorkie

Seeing a limping Yorkie in your home can be scary!  Your new puppy is doing great then all of the sudden you notice your “baby” limping. 

Identify the Limping Problem

First, check the foot to make sure that your dog does not have a splinter, glass, rose thorn or visible injury to the foot.  Gently touch the foot and toes to see if you get any response, then do the same with the leg.  Your dog may have just jumped and landed too hard and strained the leg. 

Get Professional Help

Call your veterinarian and see what they recommend.  My dog was still running and jumping like usual so they suggested a “wait and see” period of a few days.  If your dog is still as active as ever but is intermittently, walking on the leg it may be a problem with the kneecap.  This is common in small dog breeds.  Unless you are a Veterinarian, you do not have the expertise to diagnose the problem.  You can check out further information on this subject by looking at the American College of Veterinary Surgeons website.  I use pillows for the couches and bed so that Roxy will be less likely to injure her feet or legs. 


Roxy uses pillows to easily get up on the couch.

Check out our original video titled:  Yorkie Puppy’s Convalescent Condo!   This video also features our original device the “Dog run on a Couch!”   

Our puppy eventually had to have surgery on both of her knees!  She has recovered and is still the crazy non-stop running bundle of fur she always was! 

The next video shows you how difficult it was for Roxy when she injured her toenail when digging in the garden.  She had to wear a big blue bandage on her entire leg until her new nail started to come in.  Her siblings, “the cats” shunned her and would not play with her for the first few days!  They finally got used to her limping around the yard with her big blue leg.


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