Poison Control Dogs

Poison Control Dogs

Roxy will chew anything!

Yorkies and Chocolate!

Some dogs will eat anything, poison or not!  Small dog adopters must be extremely careful as just a little taste of a hazardous food, plant or chemical can be lethal.  My puppy found a Hershey Kiss under the couch from Easter!  She weighed only two pounds, we immediately called our Vet and they advised us to bring her in.  They had to feed her activated charcoal for an hour and gave us medicine to give her for a week to help her absorb the “bad” chemical in the chocolate!  Needless to say we are all on “chocolate patrol”!  Never again will our dog eat chocolate!

Yorkies and Snails, Rodents and Birds!

We were lucky that our dogs are not interested in bugs and snails which are all over our yard!  The problem with bugs, snails and rodents are that the poisons we use to get rid of those pests could be ingested by pets.  Make sure that you clean up any rodent, bird or snail carcasses daily to keep your dogs safe.

Yorkies and Fruit Trees in your Garden

Most dogs will eat or chew on almost anything.  If you have a fruit tree you need to clean up any new or old fruit droppings.  The fruits are usually ok for dogs to eat but most fruit pits are lethal. 

Garden vegetables such as hot peppers, tomatoes, grapes can be hazardous as well.  Make sure that you fence off your garden so that your dogs cannot hurt themselves investigating your beautiful spring offerings. 

Is Cat Poop Poisonous to our Yorkie?

We have three cats and they do a good job of burying their feces but Roxy and Chika do a great job digging it up!  They will sometimes eat cat poop if we are not watching them in the yard. Our cats usually take “care of their business” in our garden which is fenced off to the dogs but on occasion will go in the dog area of our yard.  This not good for the dogs digestion and they usually will get sick and not eat for a whole day!  We are much more careful to get rid of their temptation but sometimes we fail! 

Yorkies Love Paper

Another item our dogs love to chew is paper.  Toilet paper, a tiny piece of paper from an envelope, magazines, are all their papers of choice.  They do not always swallow it but chew it like doggie gum!  We discourage this behavior as well because paper could cause a blockage in their intestines.


ASPCA Poison Control 1-888-426-4435.

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