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Mrs. Peabody and Friends III Videos (11-15)


Mrs. Peabody and Friends III Videos (11-15) Playlist

Mrs. Peabody has a blue leg is our first video in this series. Mrs. Peabody has been so busy digging for gold  in the new garden that she injured her paw pinkie!  Her trip to the Vet resulted in a blue monstrosity on her front leg.  Her siblings, “the cats” want to play with her but can’t take their eyes off that huge blue thing on her leg.  They all get a lesson in learning to adapt to something new!  By the time the cats got used to her new accessory it was time to take it off!  She only had it on for two days but it seemed like an eternity to them all!

Mrs. Peabody Catches Twenty Trout! Mrs. Peabody uses her supervisory skills to help us catch twenty trout!  She refuses to wear clothing, it took way too much time to finally get her to wear her “camping” sweater, but it was very cold and windy and worth the effort!  Roxy loves getting wet and immediately went wading in the water cold or not!  She is a true camper!   Mrs. Peabody loves camping!

Mrs. Peabody goes Camping!  This camping trip was the first time Roxy got to go camping with “the kids”!  She had a great time hiking, exploring the cave called “The diggins”,  checking out the kids fort which was hidden deep in the rocks, and watching the kids ride bikes!  We build her Yorkie Dog Run at camp so she had freedom to roam. 

Cat and Dog Rap  is our first ever Rap video featuring the story about how Roxy first met her siblings “the cats”.  Rap is new to us,  please forgive our rookie sound!  There is plenty of great cat and dog action that every pet lover can appreciate!

Mrs. Peabody and the “sharing thing”!  Roxy lives with her siblings “the cats” so she doesn’t have to worry about sharing her toys!  They are not interested in her big, stinky toys!  Roxy has a three day play-date with her dog sister Bitsy and is forced to learn how to share!

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