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On YORKIETIME.COM YouTube Channel we create original videos featuring Roxy aka Mrs. Peabody our Yorkie puppy, and her siblings “the cats”.  Norman Bates is our 28 year old orange tabby born in my closet in 1985 looking like a little white rat!  Zeena is our grey rescue kitty and Dexter a beautiful tuxedo cat, rescued from a camping trip a few years ago! 

Our videos show family camping and fishing vacations, our trip to Reno for a Senior Softball Tournament and capture the every day antics of our active family members!  There were many important questions that we had as new puppy adopters, some causing us  unnecessary anxiety.  Our videos are fun but will also help you to understand that the occasional odd behavior of your puppy or dog is normal.

Update!  We now have a new addition to our family, Chika!  Check out our first video featuring both of our adorable Yorkies titled Puppy Trains Puppy!  chapter 23.


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Yorkietime.com Playlists!  (Videos that are connected for easy viewing)

Mrs. Peabody and Friends I     “Dogs and Cats A Love Story”


These videos help to illustrate the life and times of Roxy aka Mrs. Peabody.  She shares her home with humans and her funny looking “siblings” they call “the cats”!

It took her about five months to finally gain the respect of the cats.  She weighed only 2 pounds when we brought her home and the cats were not receptive to the idea of living with this jumping, running licking thing we called “the puppy”!  She was very hairy, smelled funny, always rolling in smelly stuff in the back yard and lunged at the cats whenever she was around. 

Even as a tiny pup she was careful around the cats but never stopped trying to engage them in play.  She became an expert at dodging their attempted slaps.  The cats did smack her a few times but never with open claws!  They eventually graduated to chasing games and now she plays with Zeena daily! Two of our cats, Zeena and twenty eight year old Norman actually sit outside looking through the sliding glass door waiting for her almost every day!

When Roxy gets her weekly bath, she dries herself by running circle eights in the back yard and running with and from Zeena our grey tabby! During the frost season, we put tarps over many of our backyard plants.  The cats and dog thought we made tents for them and had great fun playing and hiding under them!

We documented some of Mrs. Peabody‚Äôs very first experiences in our first five videos, learning how to swim when on her first camping trip, learning how to behave during her dog training classes, recuperating from her spaying surgery and her introduction to her new feline family “the cats”.

Mrs. Peabody and Friends II     “Mrs. Peabody Makes Crop Circles in our Lawn!” 

This is our second playlist !  They’re out there!  The first video is for those old X-Files fans!  It is called Mrs. Peabody makes crop circles in our yard!  Roxy loves to torment her sister Zeena!  She insists that “they” are coming for her so she attempts to create her very own crop circle to help them navigate!  

“Things a mom would say” follows!  Mrs. Peabody does her best to get her sister Zeena to help with the yard work!  Zeena is a born supervisor and is reluctant to change her status!

Next up,  Mrs. Peabody is Crazy about the Puppy bowl! Mrs. Peabody loves her sports!  She didn’t care for the “Kitten” halftime show because she said “If I wanted to see a bunch of cats I would just look in my back yard”!  She did enjoy the munchies and the ads were great!

Followed by “Mrs. Peabody has gold fever!” Why do dogs dig?  Here is one possible answer!

Our last video in this series is titled Mrs. Peabody Wonders “How many toys does a dog really need?”  Mrs. Peabody loves her toys!  But she wants them to be available at all times so she likes to strategically place them throughout the house!  When we clean up EVERY DAY, she has a fit!


Mrs Peabody and Friends III    First video is “Mrs. Peabody Has a Blue Leg!” 

Mrs. Peabody has a blue leg is our first video in this series. Mrs. Peabody has been so busy digging for gold and in the new garden that she injured her paw pinkie!  Her siblings, “the cats” want to play with her but can’t take their eyes off that huge blue thing on her leg.  She only had it on for two days but it seemed like an eternity to them all!

Mrs. Peabody Catches Twenty Trout! Mrs. Peabody uses her supervisory skills to help us catch twenty trout!  She loves to go camping!

Mrs. Peabody goes Camping!  This camping trip was the first time Roxy got to go camping with “the kids”!  She had a great time exploring the cave called “The diggins”, the kids fort, hidden deep in the rocks, and bike riding!   

Cat and Dog Rap  is our first ever Rap video featuring the story about how Roxy first met her siblings “the cats”.  There is plenty of great cat and dog action that every pet lover can appreciate!

Mrs. Peabody and Friends IV    First video is “Mrs. Peabody our Yorkie goes Camping and Meets the Dogs with Spots!


Mrs. Peabody and Friends V    First video is “Mrs. Peabody our Yorkie goes Camping and Meets the Dogs with Spots!


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Fridays:  Original videos featuring Mrs. Peabody and Friends

Thursdays:  Original videos featuring Women’s Extreme Senior Softball

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