Training Yorkies

Training Yorkies

Mrs. Peabody Needs Training

We love our puppy but quickly recognized that Mrs. Peabody aka Roxy, needed professional training!  We signed up for classes and all of us went to obedience school.  It was a great experience. She met lots of dogs every time we went to class because we took her early and she roamed the store where the classes were held.

Training a Yorkie Is No Picnic!

She was an “A” student for the first three classes then she just stopped obeying my commands!  She is not a treat oriented puppy at all, so bribery was out of the question!  I was concerned that even though we were still going to all of our classes and she appeared to be learning, that when graduation day arrived and she had to demonstrate what she had learned to graduate, she would not pass the class!  

Yorkie Training Graduation Day

I was wrong!  She acted as though she knew it was graduation day and obeyed EVERY command instantly!  Did she train me or did I train her?  I could not believe my eyes!   I guess the class progressed to slowly for her and we should have put her in a “gifted” class to challenge her!  Anyway, as expected she refused to wear her graduation cap for her grad picture but still got her picture on the wall as part of the dog training graduating class!

#2  Training a Yorkie!  It is not as easy as you think!  Check out our original video on You Tube.  


The DogTrainer

We were lucky, we had a great trainer!  Your dog will learn if you follow the trainer’s recommendations, repetition and positive reinforcement is essential.  You would not expect a toddler to understand how to speak if you only spoke to them for 5 minutes a day!  

Training a Yorkie – Who’s the Boss!

One of the most important tips that I learned was to establish the proper “pecking order” in your household the first day you bring home your dog.  I am vehemently against any type of negative action towards an animal for any reason.  There is always a non-violent, non-aggressive manner in which to respond to people and dogs.  How you choose to behave in your life has consequences!  Treating a pet in an aggressive manner often results in a fearful unpredictable dog.  The key is to train your dog to recognize you as the “boss” in your household.  

Playtime is a Training Opportunity

When playing with your dog, do not let her win.  If you cannot resist the temptation to play the “tug of war” game with toys or socks, go ahead and play but you must always win, not sometimes, always.  Do not let them outside with out commanding them to do a trick, sit, lay down..   Never give them a treat until they have performed some type of task for you,  such as a trick or fetch a ball or a specific toy.  They want to work for their treats!  They live to please you, help them to achieve this!  This may seem foolish to most people.  If your dog does not see you as the “leader”, they will assume that position becoming aggressive and disobedient.

Training Yorkies to Wait at the Door

Always, enter rooms and go outside before your dog.  Do not let them “lead the way”.  Again, sounds insignificant but the “pack leader” does just that “leads”.   If you follow this suggestion, you will find that dog walking becomes much more pleasant.  Your dog should walk at your side or behind you, never pulling on their harness.

Training Not to Play Bite EVER!

It is unacceptable to play with a dog in a manner that encourages “play biting”. I set limits early, firmly and loudly saying “no” when she got too rough, or shaking an used water bottle filled with a handful of coins when “no” did not stop the behavior.   We used the water bottle technique for about 4 weeks, now my dog plays with us without any biting behavior.

Dexter the Cat is supervising our Yorkies Playtime!

Training Yorkies  vs the Dreaded Cat Poop

The result of following these recommendations is that I have a dog who does not nip or bite for anger or aggression, allows us to take almost anything out of her mouth.  (Toys, bones, her favorite “toilet paper”, and other dangerous items she has found).  Most dog owners cannot say the same about their pets!  Roxy does have her vice.  It is Cat poop!  When she has found this special nugget in the yard she will not voluntarily give it up!  So we use the barter technique.  Sometimes I trade her using her favorite chew toy, other times I have to use a cheeto.  We rarely feed our Yorkie food we are eating or junk food but if she has cat poop It is an emergency!

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