Surgery Rehabilitation for Yorkies

Surgery and Rehabilitation for Yorkies

Small dogs can be prone to knee problems.  When my puppy was 6 months old, she was intermittently limping.  The veterinarian diagnosed her condition as a luxating patella, a condition where the kneecap slips out of the groove.  Our Vet told us to wait and see if the problem corrected itself as she got older and her kneecap ligaments  got stronger so we waited 3 months.  The problem did not get any better.   

Our Dog Needed Surgery!

Roxy came home with instructions to stay in her crate for 4-6 weeks and take four medications.  Seven times every day, I gave Roxy her medicine.  She quickly became agitated with the medicine delivery method so I gave her tiny pieces of cheese so she would not bite me!  For the first two days, she was happy just to sleep.  She did not even urinate until 48 hours after surgery!  She was not interested in eating anything; I tried all of her favorite snacks, yogurt, cottage cheese, cheddar cheese, soft dog food she loved as a puppy, to no avail.  In desperation, I gave her a little canned tuna and she finally started to eat!

We Created a Dog Run on our Couch!

Second day home I could tell she was feeling better so I set up a dog run on my couch and removed all pillows so she could not climb on anything.  Sounds kind of crazy but it worked!  She could be on the couch while we watched TV but could not jump off.  We had to remember to take her out to potty but I know she recuperated faster and with less stress because she was able to lay by us instead of in her crate alone all day!  Check out our original video “Yorkie Puppy’s Convalescent Condo!”

The Convalescent Dog Condo

If your dog is accustomed to staying in her crate during the daytime then it would not be out of the ordinary to keep her in the crate.  Our dog roams freely throughout the house all day and it would be more stressful to crate her during her rehabilitation period.  In my computer room, I set up her pen and adjusted it so it was a small 24″ X 24″ square with her opened crate at one end.  Her training pad filled the entire pen area.  It was perfect, she could sit next to me while I worked, and I did not have to worry about her being injured or having to go potty when needed.

We took her outside every hour or so to “go”, but we never allowed her off leash.  She missed her brother and sister kitties more than anything!  She would poke her tiny nose through the pen looking out at the cats in the yard, looking so sad.

Home-made Dog Food for Recovery

I made her a special recipe of boiled chicken, chicken liver, split peas, lentils, carrots, zucchini, eggs and sweet potatoes because I was concerned that her stomach would be upset since she was on painkillers and antibiotics.  The recipe is available on this site!

Chicken and Vegetable Dog Food

ground beef recipe

Dog Surgery
Roxy does not understand the cats! Neither do I!

I washed Roxy’s face daily but had no idea that she could smell so much like “dog”!  She was one ripe puppy!  Finally, after 4 weeks of rehabilitation we were able to take Roxy to the groomer.

Her happiest moment was when we took her outside to play with her cats!  She was finally home again.  Our happiest moment was when we brought her home from the groomer!

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