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Yorkies Love Cats

Can Dogs and Cats Live Together?  Check Yorkietime.com’s original video on YouTube titled “Dogs and Cats A Love Story!

Best Buddies! 

No one really knows what will happen when introducing your Yorkie to your cats.  We adopted Roxy as a puppy and when she approached the three cats in our household, she was very aggressive and playful.  Puppies are clumsy, always lunging, pawing and dive-bombing everything in their paths!  I was very careful not to let them be alone or too close to her as they constantly tried to swat her to keep her at bay.  My 31-year-old orange tabby “Norman” just sat down and let her play all over him.   My tuxedo cat “Dexter” who regularly hunts, kills and eats rodents and birds, stalks Roxy. When Roxy is in the backyard we make sure Dexter is not.

Yorkies Love Cats
Norman and Roxy enjoying a beautiful spring day!

Our third cat we call Zeena.  She is a big 18-pound grey rescue kitty who at first wanted nothing to do with Roxy but after about five months of Roxy’s persistent and friendly antics she finally started kissing to greet Roxy and plays back and forth chasing games with her new “doggy sister”.  Zeena even comes to the patio door to “ask” Roxy to come out to play!   Small dogs should always be supervised while outside.  Cats, birds, snakes, bees or other small animals can all be hazardous to your little dog.

Dog and Cat Boxing

Roxy has grown from a 2# puppy to a 7.5# tall and slender Yorkie.  She was the longest and tallest dog of her litter!  She has no interest staying the back yard if her kitty “sisters” are not around!  She still shares her food with Norman (when she is finished eating herself).  Loves running after and from Zeena whenever the cat is willing!  I think she enjoys the danger element of her interactions with her cat siblings.  Zeena will paw at her sometimes, Dexter just “gives her the look” and she goes running.  She is like a boxer who is proud of her ability to dodge the attempted slaps from the cats.  When Zeena swats at her she does not retreat, just does the ‘ol  bob and weave!

Puppy Shares Food with Cat

Roxy has always been difficult to feed.  The cats have actually helped her to maintain a regular eating schedule.  When she won’t eat inside the house, I just bring her food outside and she gobbles up her food.  She does not want the cats eating her food so she takes care of business!  Roxy does have her favorite cat, Norman.  When Roxy is finished eating she allows 31 year old Norman to lick her plate clean!  Yes, Norman is 31 years old!  When we dog-sit  her four pound Yorkie sister named Bitsy, who eats like a horse,  Roxy does not hesitate to eat her food.  If you are having trouble with getting your pup to eat on a schedule you might want to use your other pets as incentive to help get them interested in eating!

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  1. I am Roxie ‘s Aunt. We watched her at our house for a few days and we have cats too. At first my cats were afraid of her. But they eventually tolerated her. I ‘m sure over time , they will be best of cuz ‘ buddies. They just need time. Time, puppy pads, Spot Shot, patience and love.

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