Yorkies rank in the Dog World

Yorkies Rank in the Dog World

Yorkies – Top 100 Dogs

The Yorkshire terrier, affectionately known as “Yorkies” are featured in Animal Planets’ “Top 100 Dogs” and currently rank as the second most popular breed in the world! Click on this picture and scroll down to the bottom of the page to find a great Yorkshire terrier video Animal Planet has created for this special breed.


Yorkies – Full of Personality!

The Yorkies popularity has nothing to do with luck or availability of the puppies!  It is hard to resist the breeds personality!  We “dog sat” a relatives Yorkie for a week and fell in love with her!  Bitsy, a little four and a half pounder, was a food snatcher, guard dog and companion to us!  I cried when she had to go home!  We immediately began researching about the breed and decided to bring a Yorkie into our family for good! 

Yorkies – Napoleon Complex!

Yorkies are described as little dogs who don’t know they are little!  They are fierce protectors of home and family but at the same time extremely affectionate.  They are lap dogs who are happy to sit with you for hours while you “power watch” TV shows on Netflix or all day Saturday shows on Animal Planet! 

Yorkies Thrive on Routine!

Yorkies must be the center of attention and are happiest when they can keep an eye on you!  All small dogs can be difficult to potty train and the Yorkie is no exception!  Routine is the key!  We made the mistake of going on a trip and asking a family member to “dog sit” in the middle of our potty training period.  Our puppy was so upset due to the change of venue that she reverted back to the beginning of training, peed all over the carpets at her hosts house and when we brought her home we had to start over with our potty training!  Lesson learned!  Do not go on a trip before your puppy is potty trained!  Any change of routine could result in disaster!

Yorkies and Cats

We would not choose any other breed of dog as a member of our family!  Our Yorkie, Roxy, aka Mrs. Peabody, has won the hearts of all members of our family including the three cats!  Two of the cats look in to the sliding glass doors from the back yard every morning, waiting for Roxy to come out and play!

Our new puppy Chika, our second Yorkie, is Roxy’s opposite!  She is gentle with the cats, but talks up a storm!  After only two weeks, she is already accustomed to the cats and they almost like her!  We never leave them alone with the cats, no matter how much they act like loving siblings in front of us!

How to Adopt a Yorkie

Check out How to Adopt a Yorkie at Yorkietime.com

Watch our Yorkie Videos

Check out our original Yorkietime.com video titled:  Mrs. Peabody makes crop circles on our lawn! 

Here is another original Yorkietime.com video titled:  Mrs. Peabody, things a Mom Would Say! 

And the original Mrs. Peabody Learns to Share!


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