Potty Training Yorkies

Potty Training Yorkies

Potty training Yorkies is a test of your patience and perseverance.  It is best to keep dogs in a crate during the day when we are not actively playing with or taking them for potty breaks or walks.  This practice teaches the dog that the crate is a safe haven.  Most dogs will not relieve themselves in their crates.

First Thing in the Morning Before Coffee

Let your puppy out of the crate first thing in the morning, you may have to carry them outside so they do not pee on the floor on the way.  I purchased an adjustable pen that is 24 inches high x 16 feet long and placed it just outside my back door.  If the pup will not go potty after 10 minutes, bring her back inside and put her back into the crate.  Keep trying every 15 minutes or so until she understands that outside is the place to pee not play. 

The Dog Crate is the Essential Potty Trainer

My puppy sleeps every night in her crate but she runs free during the day.   I kept up with this routine for the first year and then decided she could start sleeping in my bed because she was so good with her potty duties. 

My Worst Potty Training Mistake

When her little sister arrived, I made the mistake of letting her out of her crate after the third month of crying every night!  Yes, I caved in to her cries.  I have regretted my decision ever since!  She had a very difficult time with her potty training, and just recently has not peed or pooped in the house as her primary location.  (She just had her first birthday).  So, if you cannot stand hearing your cute little fur-ball crying at night, put them in another room so you can not hear them!   It takes a full year until they have matured and are fully potty trained!  I keep doggy training pads by the door, just in case.  I take my dogs outside whenever I get a break from chores or work I am doing on the computer. 

Potty Frequency Needs For Yorkies

The experts say that Yorkies should be ready to go potty 30 minutes after eating but Roxy does not follow any kind of internal schedule for these things.  I feed her at the same time every day but she “takes care of business” whenever she feel like it!  Sometimes right after eating, sometimes 2 hours later.  She is more predictable in the summer when she has extensive running and play sessions with our cats.   In the winter with temperatures dipping below freezing (she refuses to wear any of the warm and soft clothing I have purchased for her) her need to eliminate is sporadic.

Potty Training
Roxy has tossed her kibble on the floor, she is now ready to go outside!

How Often Does a Yorkie Need to Go Potty?

When my dog was a puppy we got up every 2 hours to let her relieve herself, she quickly progressed from this unpleasant routine (for the first 8 weeks we had her) and now sleeps through the night without a peep. Yorkie puppies need to relieve themselves often due to their tiny bladders.  This is an easy formula to help you to remember when to take your dog outside to pee.   1 pound = one hour they can hold their urine.  A one-pound Yorkie needs to “go” every hour.  A 4-pound Yorkie needs to “go” every four hours.    We adopted Roxy at 2 pounds so I took her out of her crate every two hours at night.

Puppy Sitter Time

We learned “the hard way” that it is best to select dog sitters who have homes with minimal carpeted areas!  I prepared an extensive note detailing all of my puppy’s idiosyncrasies but did not really focus on the potty aspect of care since she was pretty good at home!  Well that was a mistake!  She refused to be penned up in the babysitter’s kitchen and broke out every day to eliminate on her carpets!  She refused to go out in the back yard because the neighbor dogs next door barked and scared her!  Don’t make our mistake! 

Potty training a small dog can be a challenge but when they finally “get it”  you can have an epic celebration like we did!

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